PACE Games

What are PACE Games Online?

PACE Games Online is a fun, unsanctioned competitive event that allows you to complete a variety of challenges at home, which have been set by an official.
Cost: $25 per Test

PRE-Level 1-3 (Dogs on Primary)

Level 1-3  (Dogs on Odor)

Level 4-6 (Dogs on Odor)
Coming Soon

How Does it Work?

  • You’ll enroll in the level you qualify for by filling out the form below.
  • You’ll then get a confirmation email which will describe next steps.
  • After payment is confirmed you will submit a photo of your search area.
  • Your photo will be reviewed and approved by a PACE Games Official.
  • Within a week of the photo submission the official will send you an email briefing which will outline the parameters of the search, including hide placement, start line, where the handler can stand etc.
  • You will then set your hide, perform your search and submit for review by your official via video.

Search parameters will be provided in an email briefing from a PACE Official.

  • Parameters such as start line, where the handler needs to stand, distractors, time limit, boundaries, etc.
  • Hide placement (including container the hide will be in).
  • On/off leash as well as additional leash parameters.
  • Participants will have 1 week to submit a video of the search after receiving their briefing.

Scoring will be out of 100 points per search.

  • 25 pts – Possession of Odor/Indication:
    – Dog must clearly identify location of the hide. If the hide is designed to be sourcable the dog is expected to source it. If the hide is inaccessible, the dog must demonstrate knowledge of where the hide is located. No formal indication is necessary.
  • 25 pts – Handler Involvement:
    – No handler involvement is permitted during these tests. The tests focuses on the dog’s independent problem solving ability. Handler must remain within the parameters described by the official during the briefing, and giving no clues to the dog as to where the hide is located.
    – Deductions may be made for repeated cues, leash restrictions leading the dog to odor, or otherwise aiding in the dog’s ability to solve the problem.
  • 25 pts – Time:
    – The dog must complete the problems within the time allowed by the official.
    – Deductions may be made for expiring the time limit.
  • 25 pts – Confidence in the Work:
    – The dog shows he is clear in purpose and pursuit of odor throughout the course of the search.
    – Deductions may be made for behaviors such as excessive check ins with the handler or other stress signals.
  • Score cards to be issued within 1 week of video submission:
    – Gold: 93-100 pts
    – Silver: 85-92 pts
    – Bronze: 77-84 pts
    – NQ: 0-77 pts

What Level Can I Compete At?

PRE-Level 1-3

  • Intended for dogs on primary (hunting for food/toy/other reward)
  • Participants may move on to Levels 1-3 (on odor) at any time – you are not required to complete all of the PRE tests.
  • Please refer to the Level 1-3 parameters for searches (Interior, Exterior, Vehicle only) – the only difference will be searching for odor vs. primary, and no inaccessible hides.

Level 1-3

  • Interiors, Exteriors, Vehicles and Containers
  • You may complete the searches in any order, but you cannot move on to level 4 until you have passed level 3 for all search types.  However, you can pass Interiors 1-3 before working on Containers 1, if you so choose.
  • Emphasis on independent problem solving by the dog
  • Search areas can be reused for multiple searches
  • Interiors: Any indoor space
  • Exteriors: Any outdoor space
  • Vehicles: 1-3 vehicles, to be approved via photo (showing types of vehicles and a description of the space you have available for the search. Can be a written description) by a PACE Games Online official. Layout will be described by the official. Vehicles can be anything utilized for
    transportation, trailers, riding tractors or lawn mowers etc.
  • Containers: Any kind of container, to be approved via photo (showing types of containers how many of a given container you have available. There will also need to be a photo of the space available for the search) by a PACE Games Online official. Layout will be described by the official

Level 4-6

  • Mixed-Element Search (2x), Speed Search, Delayed Reward Search
  • All 4 required searches must be completed at each level (ex: level 4) before moving up to the next level
  • Mixed-Element (Combo) Search: A search where two or more search elements are combined, such as interiors and containers or vehicles and exteriors.  Any combination will be entertained as long as it can exist within a single search area, subject to photo approval by an official.  Each team must complete 2 of these to complete a single level.
  • Speed Search: Limited time allowed to solve the problem
  • Delayed Reward Search: A delay between the dog’s indication or possession of the problem and the handler’s reward or “correct” marker. Time of delay will be anywhere from 3-10 seconds depending on level.

Search Parameters by Level

Level 1

  • One accessible hide
  • Handler’s choice of single odor (birch, anise or close)
  • 4′ height limit
  • 2-3 q-tips per hide

Level 2

  • Two hides (accessible or inaccessible)
  • Handler’s choice of odor (birch, anise or close), unless prescribed by the Official in your briefing
  • 4′ height limit
  • 2-3 q-tips per hide

Level 3

  • Three hides (accessible or inaccessible)
  • Handler’s choice of  odor (birch, anise or close), unless prescribed by the Official in your briefing
  • 4′ height limit
  • 2-3 q-tips per hide

Level 4+

  • Official to set the number of hides in the briefing
  • Handler’s choice of  odor (birch, anise or close), unless prescribed by the Official in your briefing
  • No height limit
  • 2-3 q-tips per hide
  • Increasing complexity as you rise through the levels

What are Team Games?

PACE Team Games is a fun, unsanctioned competitive event which combines nosework with a collaborative element.  A “team” consists of two dogs and two handlers.  The human teammates can work together and strategize to achieve the best team result.  Dogs are worked individually, but both humans may be present in a search.

Some searches will be performed by both dogs.  Each dog may receive an equal amount of time (for example, each dog gets 3 minutes to work a search).  It may be up to the handlers to decide how much time each dog works (for example, the team has 5 minutes to work an area, to be shared by both dogs).

Some searches will be performed by only one dog.  Sometimes there are two single-dog searches and the dog that performs search A cannot perform search B.  Therefore, the handlers must decide which dog is better suited to which search.

These are examples of some of the strategic decisions you will face in Team Games.  Each Team Games event is unique and we’re always trying to come up with some fun new games and strategic twists!

Sample Games

  • Big F*%@in’ Search (BFS): A PACE Team Games tradition!  A giant search area with a generous time allotment to be searched by both dogs.  Unknown number of hides
  • Speed Search: One dog works an area with a very short time limit and a known number of hides.  No 30 seconds warning.
  • Land of No Return: One dog works multiple small search areas, but once you leave an area, you cannot return.  Time keeps running as you clear areas.
  • The Mystery Search:  Another PACE Team Games tradition!  No parameters until you approach the search area.  One of both dogs may work this search.


  • 5 points per unique find – if both dogs on a team find the same hide, it only counts for points once
  • 5 points for calling finish within time – per dog
  • 2.5 points for false alerts
  • No point penalties for failing to call finish or for a dog eliminating in a search area (this does end the dog’s turn to search, however)


  • Ribbons are awarded to the teams who place 1st, 2nd, and 3rd overall
  • 1st place receives guaranteed entry into the next PACE Team Games event
  • All teams who earn 70% or more of all available points (hides + finish calls), receive a Qualifying Score ribbon
  • A special “Team Spirit” award may be given to the team who has the best team uniform or other display of team cohesion

Upcoming PACE Team Games Evnets

PACE Team Games – Spring 2020

Our 9th edition of PACE Team Games is scheduled and ready to go!  This one will be held at Attleboro’s Recreation Center.  A potluck lunch will be organized.  We hope to present some new and fun games for you to enjoy with your human and canine partners!  Registration will be first come first serve, so grab a partner and come up with a team name because it will be opening on March 9 at 6pm.
Date: April 19, 2020Postponed Due to Coronavirus

Time: TBD
Cost: $115/dog & handler