Ronnie Dalton

Ronnie Dalton


Ronnie Dalton served the state of Massachusetts as a State Trooper for 27 years. After retiring from the force, Ronnie completed Animal Behavior College to become a certified dog trainer in 2011. She has been teaching obedience classes ever since! When asked about her training philosophies, Ronnie says, “I am a positive trainer with the philosophy of while training the dog: Every lesson should be a game. Every game a lesson”

Treating the dog with the respect it deserves as it learns to live in our world, helping them to understand the rules by teaching them at their level of learning and understanding. Having the patience to give them the time they deserve to understand our process.”

Ronnie currently shares her life with her Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Digby Chester, Golden Retriever, JJ and Golden Retriever Aussie mix, Rebel. Ronnie enjoys training her dogs in the sports of K9 Nosework, Competition Obedience and Dock Diving.

With her expertise, Ronnie will be here to educate pet owners and help train their dogs to be the best companions they can be!