Michele Ellertson

Michele Ellertson

Director of Training, Owner

Michele Ellertson, CNWI, is the owner, founder and training director at The Dog’s PACE.  She has been training dogs professionally for well over a decade.  Although she focuses on scent training today, her background is in behavior modification.  This gives her a unique perspective on engaging with all kinds of dogs.

In 2009, Michele was among the first dog trainings in New England to become involved in the National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW) and the new sport of K9 Nosework.  As such, she was instrumental in establishing the foundation necessary to make the sport a success in this region.  She currently works with the NACSW as a Certifying Official, in addition to her intense schedule of classes, private lessons and specialty clinics around the country.  Michele maintains her own knowledge by attending as many workshops as possible.

Michele has trained in a variety of dog sports, both personally and professionally.  However, her primary goals are in the sport of nosework.  Her fondness for the sport comes from the tremendous benefits it offers to all dogs, including building confidence, bonding, mental stimulation and pure enjoyment.

Recently, Michele has begun working with Debbie Kay in training Diabetic Alert Dogs for service.  This allows her to use her skills in training scent work dogs to aid people who really need them.


Chaser is a German Shepherd and Michele’s current competing dog.  He’s a searching fiend and recently earned his NW1 title.


Hemi was a rescue Chihuahua/Terrier mix.  She achieved her ELT3 title and competed in Summit League before passing in 2019 at the age of 15.  Hemi had also had the honor of participating in the NACSW National Invitational in both 2015 and 2017.


Harley is a rescue Poodle mix.  He is the recipient of the Harry Award, given to the rescue dog who demonstrates the most extraordinary skill and spirit in nosework at the NW1 level.  Harley has also earned his NW3-Elite title and many placements along the way.  At this time, Harley is retired from competition and enjoying the quiet life at home.


Hannah was a rescue German Shepherd.  Like Harley, she had also received the Harry Award.  She achieved her NW3 Elite title and was training to compete in the Elite level before passing suddenly in 2019.