Makayla Cummings

Makayla Cummings

Trainer, Office Manager

Makayla Cummings is the newest trainer at The Dog’s PACE.  She also coordinates the many events that take place throughout the year.

Makayla studied Small Animal Science at Bristol County Agricultural High School.  She worked hard both academically and caring for animals of all sizes.  She developed a passion for nosework not long after graduation.  She has been actively training, competing, and assisting with classes and events ever since.  She has worked with a variety of instructors, including Michele Ellertson, CNWI.

While nosework has her heart, Makayla also has experience working with dogs and their handlers in both basic and competitive obedience.  She got her start working in a doggie daycare and training center.  There she discovered a love of engaging with not just the dogs, but also showing the humans on the other end of the leash how beneficial and fun enriching a dog’s life through activity can be.

Makayla is excited to work towards her CNWI and CPDT certifications while she shares her knowledge with others.


Sadie is a Bluetick Coonhound who owns and tolerates Makayla.  Nosework has helped ease Sadie’s environmental sensitivity.  Sadie is currently working at the Elite level.  She has earned many placements and a few pronounced ribbons along the way.  Makayla reports that Sadie’s attitude towards trialing is “Hold my beer – let’s do this!”


Mugsy is a Wheaton Terrier.  He is new to nosework, but having a great deal of fun learning!  Mugsy is not competing at this time.