Loreen Robbins

Loreen Robbins

Trainer (Alternate)

Loreen Robbins, CNWI, is an alternate trainer at The Dog’s PACE.  She teaches regularly at Pack of Paws in Southbridge, MA.

In addition to training dogs, Loreen works to help people as a Nurse Practitioner for the GYN-Oncology Service at Rhode Ilsand Hospital and Emergency Room.  She is also a Master Seamstress and occasionally teaches at the University of Rhode Island.

Loreen has a passion for fearful and reactive dogs.  Her passion and commitment show in her work.  She is always looking to improve her skills, which is an extremely valuable trait in an instructor.

Loreen’s Pack


Bella is a rescue German Shepherd.  She is currently working towards her NW3-Elite title.


Mina is a rescue Dutch Shepherd.  She has recently earned her NW1 title.  In addition to nosework, she is training to compete in Dock Diving and Mondio Ring Sport.


J.D. is a rescue Belgian Malinois and the newest member of the pack.  He’s just getting his paws wet with nosework, but is eager to learn more.