Why should I train my dog?

Training is for everyone!  If you are a person with a dog (or a dog with a person), training is for you.  Teaching your dog everyday manners is an important first step in setting yourself up for a harmonious life with your furry friend.  We promote positive training to work with your dog to achieve the desired result.  Positive training promotes bonding between you and your dog.  Training may sound like a chore, but when done properly, it should be enjoyable for everyone involved.  If you’ve already mastered the basic manners, and are looking for something new and fun to do with your dog, we encourage you to check out our nosework program.

Who is training for?


Why Train at The Dog’s PACE?

Trainers Who Have Done It All

  • Our trainers are certified
  • Committed to continuing our education
  • Live, work with, and compete with their own dogs in a variety of dog sports

Thoughtfully Crafted Curriculum

  • Clear objective for each class or lesson
  • Regular evaluations
  • Homework, when beneficial
  • Q&A to end each class or lesson

Positive Training for Positive Results

  • We will never force or coerce your dog
  • Each dog works for what she values


  • Every person and every dog is welcome, regardless of background or pedigree
  • No judgment
  • Just dog lovers

PACE Training Options

PACE Dogs In Action